Best Cooling Mattress (Hot Sleepers) – Reviews & Buying Guide

One of the requirements for us to have a good night’s sleep is to have an environment that is cool and dark. There are a lot of ways in order for us to achieve a cool environment in our sleeping room. One is to have an air conditioner in our room or electric fans. Another is a cooling mattress topper or having a mattress that has a cooling system.

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There are a lot of mattresses nowadays that are made to keep your body cool when you lie on them for hours. Cooling mattresses are made to balance out the temperature between your body and the mattress. This is for you to have a better sleep at night without breaking a sweat.

But how does a cooling mattress work?  From the name itself, it may seem impossible for a mattress to give you the “coolness” that it offers. But actually, there are different kinds of cooling mattresses that have a special material why it has the ability to do what it does.

What is a cooling mattress?

A cooling mattress is a modern kind of mattress that has the ability to cool the entire body after hours of lying on it. This is best for those people who sleep hot most of the time. The reason why people tend to sleep hot is that their weight or the material of the mattress that they are sleeping on absorbs their body heat.

Another thing about cooling mattresses is that it is made for hospitals as well. Especially in tropical countries where the weather is most likely to be hot.

There are three main factors why some people sleep hot. The first one is the environment. The temperature of the environment will also affect your sleeping temperature. And even if you don’t sleep hot, if the temperature is hot, you will most likely sweat.

Weight is another consideration. There is a great propensity for you to sink into your cushion if you are even slightly overweight. If the mattress is supporting you too closely, air won’t be able to circulate properly, and you’ll wake up sweaty.

A third factor is how solid the bed is. Even if you don’t weigh much, you’ll settle right into a mattress with a soft surface. For some reason, you have found yourself dozing on top of the mattress rather than on the floor. Another pro for a firmer mattress is that it will keep you from sinking all the way down into it while you slumber.

What materials make the best cooling mattress?

Basically, a cooling mattress has special kinds of materials used in making. Because we have this Phase-change material that generally absorbs body heat when it reaches a certain temperature. This way, the mattress will be able to regulate the temperature between the body and the mattress. Most cooling mattresses have an airway system that allows the mattress to breathe properly and gives you the right amount of air.

This way you will be able to have better sleep at night. Another kind of material that is used is infused gel foams. Mostly infused gel memory foams are the popular cooling mattress that most people use. There are a lot of people who prefer this kind of mattress because of its cooling capability.

Best cooling mattress

Layla Sleep Memory Foam Mattress – Dual Firmness

If you are looking for a mattress that has two firmness options, the Layla Sleep Memory Foam Mattress- Dual Firmness is the one for you. You will not just be getting one mattress with one firmness level. This one has two sides for you to sleep on. Whether you like to sleep on a firm mattress or a soft mattress, you can just flip it.

And the great thing about this mattress is that it is infused with copper, and it also has a thermal-infused cover. This way, you will no longer sleep hot, especially during the summer or any hot seasons.

Leesa Universal Adaptive Feel Memory Foam Cooling Mattress

If you are looking for a mattress that has 3 layers but can still give you the right amount of support you need, Leesa Universal Adaptive Feel Memory Foam Cooling Mattress is the one you must have. It has a comfort layer, pressure relief memory foam, and dense core support.

These layers make up the Leesa Universal Adaptive Feel Mattress. It is also a cooling mattress that also gives you a good night’s sleep with a cool feeling.

Casper Sleep Essential Memory Foam

Another mattress that a lot of people love is the Casper Sleep Essential Memory Foam. It has this “just the right feel” as you lie on it. This is because of its universal comfort which is good for any kind of sleeper. And no matter what movement you do when you sleep, the mattress will remain still.

This is a good sign for couples who sleep together. Also, it has an open-cell layer that allows you to have this cool feeling as you sleep. There are some mattresses that trap the body heat making you feel very warm as you sleep. But with this kind of mattress, you will be sure that you will be able to have a cool sleep at night.

Muse Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Muse Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress is made specifically for those people who sleep hot. And for people who are living in places where the climate is constantly warm. It is made with three different foam layers, namely soft, medium, and firm foams.

If these three foams are combined, you will have a comfortable mattress that allows you to sleep in a cool and breathable mattress. Also, thanks to the phase-change breathable mattress contribute to the cooling features of this mattress.

The New Purple Mattress

The New Purple Mattress is another kind of mattress that a lot of couples prefer. This is because of its movement isolation feature. This way, you can toss and turn without disturbing your partner from his or her deep sleep. It absorbs your every movement making the other areas of the mattress stable.

And another thing about this mattress is that it has the ability to keep you in good cool sleep. Also, this mattress has a pressure relief feature. This way, you will no longer have to wake up with body aches.

What to Look for in Cooling Mattress


The quality of the mattress is what we need to look at if we want to get a cooling mattress. This is to make sure that we will be able to get the right value for our money without wasting it. The composition of our mattress is one of the things we need to consider if we want to get one. NASA invented the first-ever memory foam for their astronauts. And now, memory foam is embedded in our mattresses so that we will also have the same comfort that they have.

But in making cooling mattresses, there are different compositions that are used to maximize the abilities of the memory foam. Gel-infused memory foam are now used as one of the materials for our cooling mattress. Another material is plant-based foam. Plants are known to disperse heat properly, which is why nowadays organic approach to making a cooling mattress is a thing.


Low-density foams are known to give more cooling ability because there are fewer materials used in making the mattress. The downside of a low-density mattress is that it wears off easily, and it doesn’t really give that much support. High-density foams, on the other hand, don’t really give that much cooling ability.

This is because there are a lot of materials that are used in making the mattress that traps the body heat. Which makes the mattress hot in the long run.


The construction of the mattress will always be a factor when it comes to comfort. There are different layers of foaming that require analysis so that it will be able to give support and, at the same time, comfort to the one sleeping on it. And most especially the way it handles the temperature between the body and the entire mattress. Because there are some foams that absorb heat too much.

Advanced cooling

As mentioned earlier in this article, there are different cooling systems that a cooling mattress can give you. It will always depend on the mattress company and how they make their mattresses.

There are gel-infused memory foams, the micro-airway system in the mattress, and other possible ways that allow your mattress to let the air pass through and prevent retaining your body heat in the mattress.


A durable mattress will last longer than 10 years. If you want to have a comfortable sleep for the rest of your life, your mattress must last longer. It should also be able to support your body no matter what sleeping position you sleep in. The materials of the mattress are responsible for the lifespan of a mattress.

And as well as how you take care of it. Most mattress companies give a 10-year warranty, sometimes even more. You can also test the mattress because there are also some mattress companies that give you a trial period where you can sleep on the mattress for at least a month. And if there are no damages, then the quality might be ok.


As mattresses came into the market, there is this unusual scent that comes along with it. Most especially for the traditional kind of mattress. This is because of the Polyurethane products that produce off-gas that really has a weird scent.

But as technology is being enhanced throughout the years, they are slowly figuring out some ways in order to prevent this odor. It also comes with the different kinds of materials used in making the mattress itself.


A normal mattress may be costly. This is because of the kind of materials that they use in order to make one of the finest mattresses that you will have. Especially if you are looking for a mattress that has certain specifications. How much more if you are going to buy a cooling mattress?

Cooling mattresses are quite more expensive than normal mattresses. This is because of the different kinds of materials used in order to make the cooling system of the mattress. And of course, comfort sometimes comes with a price. And a cooling mattress will guarantee you have a good night’s sleep.

Choosing the kind of cooling mattress


Latex mattresses are known for their neutral temperature. Because it will not get any hotter or colder even if you are lying on it for hours. And according to, latex mattresses will always have a constant temperature where you will not feel hot or cold during your sleep. And it also has the ability to let your body breathe properly as you sleep.

Gel foams

Gels are now infused into most of the memory foams that are in mattresses today. Their cooling capabilities will always depend on the way the foam is structured or constructed. Because gels have the ability to absorb and release body heat. And as a result, you will have a cool temperature as you sleep.

Memory foam

Memory foam is invented by NASA so that their astronauts will be able to have a comfortable journey toward space. And today, we are enjoying the comfort of memory foam in our mattresses as well. We also have memory foams that have the ability to stabilize and regulate the mattress temperature.

Coils and springs

Coils were used in traditional mattresses. Now they are still being used in hybrid mattresses to support the different layers of foam.

Accessories for hot sleepers

Bamboo sheets

Bamboo has become the most versatile material for making eco-friendly products. And one of the famous products that are made from bamboo is bed linen. This is for you to have a cooler sleep, most especially if you sleep hot. From bed sheets to pillows and to comforters, you can always have a complete set of beddings that are made from bamboo. This is to allow your body to breathe comfortably even if you are lying on your bed for hours.

(Self) Cooling gel pad

There are two types of cooling pads and self-cooling gel pads. The normal cooling pad is just a gel pad that you can place on your mattress as a mattress topper. And the self-cooling pads are electronic kinds of pads. And they are also heating pads as well if the weather is cold. You will basically have two kinds of pads so that you will be able to have a better sleep of the night.

Bamboo pillow

Organic bamboo bedding are made for us to have a cooler sleep. Now we have a bamboo pillow so that will be able to have a cooler sleep. Match it with a cooling mattress and bamboo sheets, you will no longer sweat as you sleep during the night.

Cool mist essential oils

There are different kinds of humidifiers that allow you to have better sleep. This way, you will be able to have a better sleep because you are breathing cooler air. Cool mist essential oils are popular for a person who sleeps hot. It has this minty scent that makes the room feel and smell cool.

Gel eye mask

A normal eye mask is normally made from a cotton fabric. But after hours of wearing it, you might feel a little bit warm. But the gel eye mask has the ability to give you a cooler feeling. And aside from that it also has the ability to make your eyes feel fresh and rejuvenated. It will also lessen the appearance of your eye bags.

Bed cooler

A bed cooler is like a fan that has a tube that connects to your mattress. It is fully electronic that allows you to regulate the speed of the fan and have the right amount of coolness that you need when you sleep.

Cooling gel memory foam mattress topper

A cooling gel memory foam mattress topper is the most common cooling accessory that people get. It comes in different sizes so that it will able to match the kind and the size of the bed that you have. The cooling gel is infused with memory foam so that you will still be able to lie on a supportive topper along with your mattress.

Benefits of a cooling mattress

Doesn’t retain heat – The ideal sleeping environment must have a cool temperature. Or at least the room temperature is not too hot or too cold. A cooling mattress has the ability to keep the temperature between your body and the mattress regulated. And it doesn’t keep your body heat trapped in the mattress. It has the ability to release the heat allowing the mattress to have a cooler or a neutral temperature.

No more sweaty nights

You won’t have to perspiration anymore while you’re trying to get some shut-eye because the cooling cushion doesn’t retain any body heat. If you find that your back, neck, and shoulders are perspiring in the midst of the night, it is very unsettling. Pregnant women and those who carry more than they should do are particularly affected by this. Because the lipids in our bodies act as a natural comforter. And for this reason, most obese individuals tend to perspire a lot.

Boosts body metabolism

According to, sleeping in a cool environment with a cooling mattress can help boost your metabolism and help you lose weight. This is because our body releases brown fat which is responsible for burning other kinds of fat and boosts insulin production in our body.

Comfortable sleep at night

All of the cooling mattresses have their own way of making our sleep more comfortable than the other kinds of mattresses. With the different mechanisms on how to keep the air flowing and allow the mattress to breathe, you will surely have a good night’s sleep. A cool mattress that has pressure support is the perfect combination that you will ever have to achieve comfortable sleep.

Environmentally friendly

Most of the cooling mattresses are made from environmentally friendly materials. One of the common materials that are used is a bamboo plant. And most of the cooling mattresses and other mattresses are Certi-PUR-US certified which makes almost all of the mattresses safe and at the same time friendly to nature.

Wrapping it up

A lot of us are very picky when it comes to choosing the right kind of mattress that we want to have. Most especially if we live in an environment that is constantly warm. This is why cooling mattresses are made so that all of us will have a comfortable sleep at night. There are different things that you need to know about a cooling mattress before you buy one. And if you really are a hot sleeper, you might as well need different cooling accessories to sleep with.

There are only a few people who know about the different health benefits that a cooling mattress can give them. There are different mattress companies that compete with one another to please their customers. But if you think about it, all of the mattress companies create similar kinds of mattresses. This is because they listen to what people want. And they do their best to make the greatest cooling mattresses to satisfy their customer’s needs.

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