Best Hybrid Mattress (2023) Reviews & Buying Guide

There are tons of mattresses in the market for you to choose from if you are planning to get one. Sometimes it will take you hours or even days to figure out which hybrid mattress is the finest and one you really want to buy.

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This is because we have innerspring mattresses, latex, memory foam, and hybrid mattress. But if you want to get the best of both worlds you’ll have to get a hybrid mattress. It is comfortable and at the same time, it is luxurious.

What is a hybrid mattress?

According to the Oxford dictionary, the word “hybrid” means “of a mixed character; made or composed of different elements.” Meaning to say, a hybrid mattress is made from different elements to create one amazing mattress. It has a touch of the traditional style of making a mattress and the modern style of making one.

The combinations of the different springs or coils and memory foam or latex foam are the main materials in making a hybrid mattress. Sometimes these three materials are fused in order to make one perfect bed.

Ever since technology was born, a lot of things are starting to evolve as well. Discovering new things lead to greater inventions and innovations. And having a hybrid mattress is a part of the innovations in the sleep and mattress industry. Finding the most suitable way to sleep and knowing what kind of mattress suits our body.

There is still a battle between the innerspring and memory foam or latex mattress. The making of a hybrid mattress was done because of new-age technology and the ability to combine different materials in creating a mattress is now easier compared to before.

The durability of a hybrid mattress will always depend on the material that is used. Taking care of a mattress can help prolong its lifespan so that you will no longer have to worry about purchasing a new one after a few years. These types of mattresses usually last up to 10 years and therefore a 10-year warranty is pretty common with most manufacturers.

But if you take extra care of it, it might even last longer. There are different ways of taking care of your mattress. The simple and most common thing that you can do is to cover it with soft and breathable bedding. It is to protect the mattress and the materials inside the mattress from possible stains and liquid.

In order to prevent dust and dust mites from entering the mattress, regular vacuuming is also recommended. However, the majority of hybrid beds now use hypoallergenic materials. In this manner, you will be protected from the various toxins that disturb your sound sleep.

Technology has aided in the discovery of the ideal method for producing a comfortable cushion. It doesn’t really matter if we spend too much for it; as long as we can get the necessary level of comfort, everything will be fine.

How to find Finest Hybrid Mattress

Before purchasing a hybrid mattress, you have to know its main construction of it. This is also for you to know what kind of materials you want to have in a mattress. It is because different hybrid mattresses offer different kinds of support.

But they all have the main goal, to support your body in your sleep no matter what position you are in. Below are the common materials used in making a hybrid mattress. And these are the materials that you need to consider before purchasing one.

Pillow Top

The pillow top is the topmost layer of the hybrid mattress. And it is an optional part of a mattress because there are some hybrid mattresses that don’t have any pillow tops. It is often made from latex, memory foam, wool, or even cotton. It is usually one inch in height and it adds more cushioning to your mattress.

The purpose of this pillow top is for you to have extra comfort aside from the different layers of foaming in your hybrid mattress. Even if you don’t have a pillow, you can still sleep on your mattress comfortably.


Latex is the material used often in making the inner layer of a mattress. Sometimes it is combined with the memory foam mattress or it is placed on top of the memory foam mattress.

Memory Foams

Memory Foam is another layer of a mattress. It is often placed after the coils. Even though that memory foam is known to make you feel warm, technological enhancements are already made to make sure that you will be able to have a cooler sleep and at the same time enjoy the comfort that the memory foam can give you.

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Gel Foams

Gel foams are gel-infused memory foams so that your sleeping experience on a mattress will be cooler than usual. Because pure memory foams tend to be warmer or hotter after a few hours of sleeping on them. But with the help of the gel foams, you will be able to sleep cooler and no longer have to worry about a very warm sleeping condition. It has the ability to absorb your body heat and give you a cooler feeling in return.

Other gel foams sometimes include copper and/or graphite for a better experience. If you are looking for a mattress with cooling features, you better look for gel-infused foams that go with the different layers of the mattress.

Individually Wrapped Coils

The purpose of the individually wrapped coils is to absorb motion movement. And it also has the ability to support your body position when you sleep. It is also good to know the coil count of a mattress. The ideal coil count for the hybrid mattress is 1000 and these coils should be optimized instead of being maximized to give you to best comfort and support that you need.

The gauging of the coil is also important for you to know. Because the lifespan of your hybrid mattress depends on the coil gauging. For hybrid mattresses, it is advisable for it to have a 12 gauge to 18 gauge. Coils are often made from steel or alloys because they won’t rust or corrode easily.

Transition Foams

Transition foams are sometimes made of an extra layer of memory foam or latex foam. This is so you do not feel the springs inside your mattress when you lie down. Also, transition foams add an extra layer of comfort to your mattress.

Base foam

The base foam holds the springs, edge supporter, and top foam. It keeps everything intact so that the materials will not scatter. Also, it is responsible for the shape of the mattress. Without the base, the hybrid mattress might not be able to last long

Every mattress has a specification when it comes to its production of it. Because there are people who have their own preferences which makes it is harder for them to choose what kind of hybrid mattress they want. Luckily some mattress companies allow customized hybrid mattresses.

The reason why they allow custom-made hybrid mattresses is for them to satisfy and meet the needs of their customers. If you are one of the picky people who want their specific mattress needs to become a reality, you can always research different mattress companies that have this kind of service.

Top 7 Best Hybrid Mattresses for 2023

If you are about to buy a hybrid mattress and still can’t figure out which one you will be getting, we have a list here of the top hybrid mattresses. This is to help you narrow down the best-selling mattresses in the market.

Sunrising Bedding 8-Inch Queen Size

Sunrising Bedding is a mattress that is made from a combination of natural latex and memory foam. And of course the individually wrapped springs at the lower part of the mattress.

Even though this mattress is combined with memory foam, you will still be able to sleep cool thanks to the Talalay natural latex that is mixed in making this mattress.

Talalay latex is light and breathable latex that allows the air to pass through. And if you combine memory foam and a Talalay mattress, you will get a comfortable mattress and a breathable one too.

Pressure point support is also one of the features of this mattress. This is to allow your body to move freely without adding pressure to any joints or any parts of your body that can lead to body pain.

LUCID 12 Inch King Hybrid

LUCID is another popular kind of hybrid mattress. Memory foam and individually wrapped coils for you to be able to experience a little bit of a traditional and a modern kind of mattress.

The difference between this kind of hybrid mattress and the other kinds of mattresses is the infused charcoal and aloe vera in the foam.

Ordinary memory foams have a tendency to produce a bad smell. And it is also a common problem for many people who buy a pure memory foam mattress. Charcoal is known to absorb any kind of odor. And with the aloe vera added to it, you will be sure that this kind of mattress will not give you any bad scent at all.

It also has transition foam that supports the memory foam and prevents the individually wrapped coils from poking out. This way you will be able to get better sleep at night with this kind of mattress.

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Sweetnight Full-Size Mattress in a Box

A comfortable mattress is what we want most especially if we spend most of our time in our room. Sweetnight is one of the popular hybrid mattresses on the market. It has an isolated bounce and motion so that you will no longer have to worry about too much movement on the mattress if your partner makes a move while sleeping. There are four different layers in this mattress to provide you with the proper support that you are looking for in a mattress.

The first layer is the gel-infused foam which is responsible for keeping the mattress cool. The next layer is the memory foam that has the ability to contour your body as you lie on this kind of mattress. And the third layer is the individually wrapped coils. These coils are responsible for keeping the mattress in a good shape and good surface condition. The unique thing about this mattress is that it has better edge support. This is to make sure that even if you are seated on the corner area of your mattress, you will not sink or the mattress will not sag.

Linenspa 10-Inch Latex Hybrid

If you are avoiding the mainstream memory foam hybrid mattresses, Linen Spa Latex is the one for you. It is made from natural latex foam with special transition foam that separates the latex and the coils of this kind of mattress.

You don’t need to worry about sleeping hot because latex foams are known to have a breathable feel and they will also keep you at a cool temperature even after a few hours of sleep.

The individually wrapped coils are responsible for the full mattress support allowing the mattress to be soft and responsive.

Motion and movement isolation is also one of the features that a hybrid mattress has, and this kind of mattress is one of them.

Dreamfoam Bedding Arctic Dreams Hybrid

Dreamfoam Bedding Arctic Dreams is one of the dream mattresses that you want to have. It is made with Energel-infused memory foam to keep you cool as you sleep at night. The great thing about this mattress is that the covering is quilted.

And it is also one of the reasons why this mattress is comfortable to sleep on and it has a soft and smooth surface. There are about 1024 individually wrapped coils in the mattress that supports the different memory foam layers on top of it.

And it also has a durable edge support that allows you to sit comfortably or lie comfortably at the edge of the mattress without sinking or sagging. This kind of mattress also has pressure point relief, and motion isolation, and has better reactivity than the ordinary mattress.

Sleep is one of the most important things that we need to do for us to keep on going. It is the only chance where our bodies get to rest and rebuild the lost energy and lost cells.

This is why purchasing the finest mattress will be the greatest gift that you can give to yourself. These mattresses mentioned are the top hybrid mattresses in the market. Each of them has its specifications and features. This list will help you decide which hybrid mattress you will be getting.

Nod Hybrid by Tuft & Needle

You may have heard of the Nod Hybrid by Tuft & Needle, which was awarded to be the mattress of the year in 2019, and it’s still going strong for 2023.

The Nod Hybrid by Tuft & Needle is first of all a fairly unique model, using a combination of 2 layers of foam. The first is a layer of softer foam, which optimizes circulation and air and offers a rather flexible welcome. Then there is a lower layer of memory foam in a viscoelastic shape, specially designed to adapt to the morphology and uniqueness of each user by offering customizable comfort and excellent sleeping independence.

The memory-shaped foam is a material that is known to keep warm. That’s why the Nod Hybrid also has an elastane cover (2%) and polyester (98%), benefiting from good breathable and thermoregulatory properties to always offer a certain freshness to users.

At 10 inches thick, this mattress is suitable for all types and sizes of box springs, and it is also available in 6 dimensions, ranging from twin to Cal king sizes.

With such a combination of materials and comfort, the Nod Hybrid is one of the top-value mattresses. With 10 years of warranty and 100 nights of testing, it also offers you the opportunity to test its comfort directly at home. It is considered one of the finest mattresses in the world personally.

Casper Hybrid Mattress

Unlike the other mattresses in this comparison, the Casper is made entirely of foam and does not have baggy springs. We chose to include it in this list because we know that many sleepers are looking for more flexible hybrid models than spring models.

Although the mattress does not contain begin springs, this orthopedic mattress combines latex foam, memory foam, and high-density foam, making it comfortable. In addition, we also appreciated that it strengthened hip and lumbar levels, as most foam mattresses tend to sag in this area.

Filling and comfort

The top layer of the mattress is made from open-cell latex. This layer provides tonic support and excellent ventilation. Whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach, the mattress will comfortably conform to your morphology and create no pressure.

Another advantage of this mattress is its reinforced support base at the hips which, in addition to preventing the collapse of the mattress, provides optimal support and an excellent alignment of the spine.

Other interesting benefits

In addition to being reinforced at the hips, the support base is also softened at the shoulders, making it ideal for sleepers on the side and back.

In addition to this zoned support base, the three layers of comfort comfortably match the body shape and provide excellent pressure relief, so that your shoulders, hips, and other pressure-sensitive parts are not in a hurry. strongly against the mattress.

As for the polyester tick, it is pleasant to the touch and can be removed for regular washing.

Available sizes

Eight sizes are available, including the size “Emperor” 200 x 200 cm for the most demanding. The mattress is 25 cm thick in total.

For what box spring?

We recommend a box spring with close slats or a floor box spring for good support. Avoid slats or spring springs that can distort foam layers and quickly wear out your mattress.

Lifespan and warranty

The Casper mattress offers a 10-year warranty, which makes it very durable. By purchasing the mattress on the manufacturer’s website, you also benefit from a 100-night trial for your satisfaction. The trial period should be among your most important criteria of choice, especially when buying a mattress online. This allows you to avoid ending up with a product you don’t like.

Best Hybrid Mattress for Side Sleepers in 2023

Olee Sleep Galaxy Hybrid Mattress

One of the top options for hybrid mattresses for side sleepers is the Olee Sleep Galaxy Hybrid Mattress. Its advanced materials will always make your sleep one of the most peaceful sleep that you ever have. This kind of hybrid mattress is composed of gel-infused memory foam on the top layer.

The reason why this mattress has a gel-infused memory foam is to keep your sleep cool at night. And memory foam is known for its amazing capability of contouring your body while you lie on it. With the help of the individually wrapped coils, your body will be able to keep its natural alignment. Proper alignment is the most important thing that you need to think about when you find a mattress.

Another reason why a lot of people prefer this kind of mattress is that memory foam can help relieve pressure points. Sleeping on this mattress will make you wake up feeling fresh without any body pain. The reason why this mattress is comfortable is that there are five different layers of foam construction, and the innerspring is also included. With these five different layers, it is a guarantee that your sleep will be the greatest one that you will ever have.

Linenspa Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

Linenspa is one of the most popular brands when it comes to mattresses. Because they created different kinds of mattresses for different kinds of sleepers. And if you are a side sleeper, the Linenspa Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress are the one for you.

This kind of mattress is composed of only three different layers. The top layer is the memory foam which is responsible for you contouring your body. And just like any other memory foam mattress, it relieves pressure points on your body. The next layer is the comfort foam.

This foam supports the memory foam and it cushions your body properly without giving any discomfort. And it is also the transition foam before the innerspring. The innerspring are responsise for keeping your body well-supported. It is also responsible for keeping your body well-aligned when you sleep. Also, if you are a side sleeper, you will no longer have to worry about your shoulder being crushed by your body weight.

Because memory foam, comfort foam, and the innerspring can make sure that your body is well-contoured so that there will be less pressure on your shoulders.

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Zinus Gel-Infused Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

The Zinus Gel-Infused Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress is carefully engineered to give you better sleep at night. It is made with different layers of foam so that you will be able to get the right kind of comfort you need when you sleep at night.

These layers are a knitted jacquard cover, microfiber quilted fabric, comfort foam, gel-infused memory foam, ViscoLatex Foam, high-density foam, iCoil Pocketed Springs, and another high-density foam for the base. As you can see, these different kinds of foams are carefully made to give you the right amount of support that your body needs. A lot of people love the comfortable plush on this mattress.

And even though it is made with an innerspring, you will not feel any motion transfer from your sleeping partner. The coils inside the mattress are not just for supporting the different layers of foam and your body.

But it also provides better edge support than the other kinds of mattresses that you see in the market. Which makes it a perfect mattress for those people who are recovering from an injury.

Lucid King Mattress Bamboo Charcoal and Aloe Vera Infused

The ideal sleeping area must be dark, and cool, and mand must have a fragrant scent. The Lucid King Mattress Bamboo Charcoal and Aloe Vera Infused Hybrid Mattress is one of the best mattresses you will have. Charcoal is known for its capability to filter out the bad smell from a certain room.

And with the infused aloe vera, you will be sure that the mattress that you will be lying on will smell good. The medium plush of this mattress can help you get a good night’s sleep at night. It is made with five different layers so that you can get the right amount of comfort you need. It has bamboo charcoal memory foam on the top and an aloe vera transition foam under it.

The encased coils are in between two support foams so that they will have a transition between the base and the first two layers of foam. It is also surrounded by six-inch edge support so that it will be easier for you to get up from this bed.

Classic Brands Mercer Pillow

Are you looking for a mattress that can complement any kind of base? The Classic Brands Mercer Pillow Top Cool Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress is one of the hybrid mattresses that you can put on any base. There are different kinds of bed frames on the market and if you want a bed where you can adjust its base, you will also need a flexible mattress.

This Classic Brands Mercer Mattress comes in three different layers, gel memory foam, soft comfort foam, and the wrapped innerspring inside the mattress. It is a fully adjustable mattress that can still give you the comfort that you need. The benefit of this mattress is that it will not let you sleep with high pressure on your joints. It is the memory foam’s responsibility in making sure that your body will not have any pressure.

The comfort foam and the innerspring are supporters of the memory foam so that your body is well-contoured when you sleep on it.

What should you pay attention to when buying a hybrid mattress?

You can’t do so much wrong by buying a hybrid mattress. As already mentioned, they can be used by very different people and in many situations. When choosing, be sure to:

Materials used

What is the interior and comfort layer made of? Are the springs sewn into material pockets? Is a high-density foam, Visco foam, or latex used?

Natural or synthetic

Is the foam used made of natural latex or synthetic? Latex often has a longer service life and is especially recommended for allergy sufferers.

Hybrid or semi-hybrid

Only a real hybrid mattress offers you all the advantages.

The different technologies used in a Hybrid Mattress

Each hybrid mattress is unique and different from the others. Some technologies used in these mattresses are particularly popular:

  • memory foam form
  • High resilience foam
  • latex
  • the stained springs

The mattress consists of two to four different technologies to offer the best of each of them. The memory foam absorbs pressure points in contact with human heat, as well as movements to prevent you from being embarrassed when your spouse travels, and vice versa. High-resilience foam is usually located under a memory foam shape to support you firmly.

The latex offers the soft side. This one is known to be elastic and airy. It is also a naturally antiquarian and antibacterial technology: it is perfect for allergy sufferers.

Finally, the baggy springbaggye is the soul of the mattress. Like high-resilience foam, they provide good body support, pressure relief, an enveloping welcome, and good sleeping independence.

Sleeping Position

Combining all these technologies allows the sleeper to offer all the advantages of each of them. As universal mattresses, they are therefore generally suitable for any type of sleeper. With fairly firm support, but a soft memory foam on top of the mattress and good absorption of pressure points, hybrid mattresses combine all the benefits of all types of other beds. However, a hybrid mattress is not necessarily the ideal product for everyone.

Your morphology may require a mattress made up of a single technology rather than a mattress mixing different materials. Take a little time to think about it to see if this is the mattress you’re looking for. If you decide to buy your mattress at a physical store, you can lie on it for a moment and determine if it’s right for you.

When you buy online, you usually have the option to return your mattress after a 100-night trial period. So it’s up to you whether you want to keep it or not. Make sure beforehand that the manufacturer you want to place an order with offers this option.

Are hybrid mattresses better than latex and memory foam?

Each human being has their sleeping preference. This is because we are designed uniquely and this makes us different from one another.  Since we are different from anyone, we get to choose our kind of sleeping accessories. Just like choosing a mattress for us to sleep on.

There is a question that a lot of people ask; are hybrid beds better than latex and memory foam? Below is a comparison between the three. And it is up to you to decide what kind of mattress you will be getting.

Memory foam mattresses

Memory foams were first made by NASA. This is to have a better and a comfortable seat for their astronauts as they launch into space. Now we enjoy memory foam in different pieces of furniture. We also have them in our mattress and they now come with infused gels.

As a result of the initial memory foams ultimately get hot. And because memory foam sleepers can get a good night’s rest, they tend to have more sleeping problems. A memory foam cushion excels at supporting the spine, which is a wonderful feature.

And it is advisable for those people who are recovering from surgery or for those people who are having back problems. Also, if you or your partner snores a memory foam mattress is the one for you.

Latex mattress

Latex beds are made from the saps of a rubber tree. These saps are harvested from a tree and placed in a mattress molder then baked. There are two kinds of latex beds, the Talalay and the Dunlop. The differences between the two are weight and density.

Talalay is known to be lighter and has more micropores so there will be more air circulating in the mattress. While the Dunlop is known to be a bit heavier but it also has micropores but not as many as themanyalay. Dunlop is also firmer than the Talalay. But both latex mattresses are durable and can still provide comfort to different kinds of sleepers.

Hybrid mattress

A hybrid mattress is a combination of an innerspring mattress and latex beds or a memory foam mattress. Foams are layered on top of the spring to give an even surface area for the sleeper. If you are a side sleeper then we have created a full guide for hybrid mattresses for side sleepers that are available in 2023.

What’s the difference between an innerspring and a hybrid mattress?

Hybrid beds are derived from the traditional innerspring mattress. The differences between the two are the different layers of foam and the edge supporter added to this mattress. The construction of the pocketed coils inside the innerspring mattress is different from the hybrid mattress.

The coils in the innerspring mattress are interconnected so that they will be able to give you the shape of the bed. It also has a problem when it comes to giving the right amount of pressure point support. While the hybrid mattresses have independently wrapped pocketed coils that isolate movements.

And thanks to the latex foam and/or memory foam, it has the ability to relieve pressure points. The innerspring mattress doesn’t have the ability to contour the shape of your body when you lie on it. And because most of the innerspring mattresses are too firm because of the structure of the coils.

Hybrid mattresses are the modern kind of mattress that has a touch of the traditional mattress. Springs contribute a lot of benefits to the mattress industry and as well as memory foam and the latex mattress. Having these two materials combined in one mattress will give you a unique and extraordinary mattress that can give you the right amount of comfort and support that you need.

Who is a hybrid mattress suitable for?

There are an enormous number of different products on the market. This makes it difficult to define a particular type. A good mattress is suitable for many different people alike.

These include, for example:

  • People who have tried different simple mattresses (spring core, latex, or viscose) but always had the feeling that something was missing.
  • People who are too warm on visco mattresses.
  • People who want a bit of everything. These mattresses offer good bounce, support, comfort, and cooling.

Can a hybrid mattress be used with an adjustable base?

If you compare the innerspring mattress and the hybrid mattresses, the hybrid mattress works better on an adjustable base. Because the coils are individually wrapped which makes it more flexible compared to the innerspring mattress.

Also, it is more comfortable for you to sleep on this type of mattress if you have an adjustable base because of the different layers of foam on top of the springs.

What are the pros and cons of this type of mattress?

If these mattresses are “universal,” it is because they are created to accommodate any type of individual thanks to the integration of various technologies and the resulting advantages. In an effort to cut production costs, many manufacturers also choose to create mattresses that can be used by everyone.

Hybrid beds are supportive and firm. Your body is supported and covered by them. In general, these goods are appropriate for all morphologies, all ages, and all sleeping positions.

The main drawback is the choice: with several types of materials available, it is still necessary to look at the technologies and their characteristics to try to find the mattress that you will like best. A minimum of knowledge of mattresses and their materials is therefore necessary.

Finally, given the almost systematic presence of foam, if you want to have a mattress made of organic materials, you will not be able to go to a hybrid one. The foam simply cannot be certified organic as it is not natural.

Our opinion on hybrid mattresses

In short, if you are looking for a mattress, you may be completely exasperated by the many types of products available on the market, and the various technologies that all bring their share of benefits. The hybrid mattress can then be the ideal solution as it adapts to any type of person and prevents you from studying for hours during different types of mattresses. Beware, however: human beings spend an average of one-third of their lives sleeping.

The mattress is dedicated to your sleep: even if it requires less thought than other products before its purchase, it is advisable to take a minimum knowledge of the materials that compose it and to know if these can suit you and make your nights comfortable.

Final words

There are a lot of mattresses in the market for you to choose from. They come in different sizes and different varieties so that you will be able to narrow down your top mattresses. But if you want to have a functional mattress that can support your body in any way possible, a hybrid mattress is the one for you.

It is the cool, most unique, and most luxurious mattress that you will ever have. And always remember, before purchasing a mattress you must get to know what materials are used in making it. It is better to know the quality of each material rather than the price. It is better to spend for your comfort than to spend on a cheap quality mattress.