Best Innerspring Mattress in 2023 – Buyers Guide & Reviews

Mattresses play a huge role in our lives. It is because 1/3rd of our life is spent on our beds. We get to sleep and relax on our favorite blankets and pillows with a comfortable mattress that supports our body weight and everything that is on it.

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But did you know that the mattresses that we enjoy today are far too different from the mattresses from way back then? We now have memory foam mattresses, hybrid mattresses, and special types of mattresses like the ones for sciatica or the ones for people with hip pain. Traditional mattresses are made from coils where a mattress has an innerspring.

But these innerspring mattresses are different from the innerspring mattresses that we used to lay at our grandparent’s house. We now have a fully upgraded innerspring mattress that made a huge difference from before.

Zinus Extra Firm iCoil

If you are looking for a mattress that can still give you the right amount of support that your body needs, the Zinus Extra Firm iCoil is the one for you. It is a kind of innerspring mattress that is designed to relieve pressure from your joints. This way you will no longer have to worry about waking up with a body ache.

Unlike most mattresses, this one has a soft-firm combination. It has soft-as-feathers on the first two layers of this mattress. And it has firm bouncy coils that can help balance out the mattress to give your body the support that you need. You will also wake up feeling well rested because it will not bother you with the too much-bouncing movements that it will do.

The coils are made to adapt and contour the movement of the body without interrupting the other area of the mattress.

Olee Sleep 13SM01Q

Here is another kind of hybrid mattress that you might want to consider; Olee Sleep 13SM01Q Q13Sm01Molvc Mattress. A lot of people are going for this kind of mattress because of its high-quality features. With the combination of memory foam and springs, it will surely give you the right amount of support that you need when you lie down.

There are four different layers of memory foam and at the bottom part are the spring and a supporter. The first four memory foams are Fiber Padding, Dura HD Foam, Dura I Gel Foam, and another layer of Dura HD Foam. These memory foams are constructed to contour the shape of your body in whatever position you are in when you sleep.

And the Dura Spring supports your body weight and as well and absorbs any movement that you will do on your mattress. The bottom layer of this mattress is another layer of Dura HD Foam. It is for the mattress to have a consistent amount of support and at the same time comfort that you and the other materials of the mattress need.

Rucas Memory Foam Innerspring Mattress

Another mattress that is inspired by the traditional mattress is the Rucas Memory Foam Innerspring Mattress. You may notice that it says “Memory Foam Innerspring Mattress” it is mainly a combination of memory foam and a coiled mattress. In other words, it is a hybrid mattress.

Hybrid mattresses are made from these two main materials to give you to greatest and the most comfortable mattress ever. The main feature of this kind of mattress is pressure-relieving comfort. A lot of us today experience body pains and aches during and after our sleep. There are a lot of factors why we are experiencing this. One is our lifestyle and the other is our mattress. But the Rucas Emory foam Innerspring Mattress can save us from all kinds of body aches.

It has a knitted fabric quilting to give us a soft and smooth surface for the mattress. Two kinds of memory foam; a high density and a normal one will give us the soft pressure of the mattress. And to finish this mattress are the pocket springs under the memory foams. This is to support all the memory foam and our bodies as we lie on this kind of mattress.

Simmons BeautySLeep Plush Pillow, Queen Innerspring Mattress

Simmons is one of the mattress companies that specializes in innerspring mattresses. They have crafted different kinds of innerspring mattresses to suit everyone’s needs. The great thing about this kind of mattress is that it has 5 special layers that are perfect for any kind of sleeper.

We have the Surface Cool Fiber, AirFeel Foam, AirCool Foam, and Gel Touch Foam that are responsible for keeping the temperature between your body and the mattress cool or regulated.

This way you will be able to get a good night’s sleep in any kind of weather. Unlike the traditional kind of mattresses that traps your body heat in the mattress and make you feel too warm when you sleep. The last layer of this mattress is the Density Wrapped Coil.

Each coil is wrapped with a special cloth to keep the coils in their place. And it also keeps the coil from poking out no matter how long you are using it.

Olee Sleep Cool I-Gel Foam Top Innerspring Mattress

Another kind of Olee Sleep Mattress is the Coll I-Gel Foam Top Innerspring Mattress. The infused gel on the top layer of the mattress makes this mattress extra special. Gel-infused mattresses can make your sleeping experience cooler than it used to be.

Foam and traditional innerspring mattresses have the tendency to entrap the heat from your body inside the mattress. Making it hotter for you to sleep in and making you uncomfortable. Disturbed or uncomfortable sleep can lead to sleeping disorders. But with this kind of mattress, you don’t need to worry about the heat.

All you need to do is lie down and relax. This mattress is still made with different layers of memory foam and pocket coils. The only thing that is added is the gel-infused topper.

These are merely a few examples of the numerous innerspring beds available. Nearly all innerspring mattresses have been completely updated to provide you with the best possible slumber. To ensure that each coil will remain in its position, secure the coils, and prevent them from sticking out, each is separately coiled.

Innerspring mattresses have a lengthier lifespan than conventional mattresses. This is due to the conventional innerspring mattress’s lack of substantial coil covering. And this is the cause of the coils popping out during slumber, which causes pain for the majority of individuals back then. Or the conventional coil mattress’s surface is no longer level.

How to find the Best Innerspring mattress?

If you are looking for an innerspring mattress for yourself or for you and your partner, there are ways in order for you to identify which innerspring mattress is the one for you. There are different kinds in the market for you to choose from. You have to carefully choose the mattress that you will be buying.

This is because you will be shelling out a lot of money for your comfort. And it should be the finest one that you will get so that by the end of the day, you will not regret it and for you to have a peaceful and night good night’s sleep. Because each mattress has a different feel once you already spent nights sleeping on it than lying on it at the department store.

What is Innerspring Mattress?

Before getting to know the innerspring mattress, we must first know where the idea of springs in furniture came from. According to, the first sprung furniture was actually a chair. A cushioned chair gave a lot of people the comfort that they need.

And then soon, in 1871 Heinrich Westphal of Germany introduced to the world the innerspring mattress. Thus, the birth of the innerspring mattress and the innerspring mattress revolution has begun. Today we have different varieties of innerspring mattresses.

We get to choose according to the level of its firmness. This way we will be able to get that good night’s sleep that we really need.

Innerspring mattresses today are still made from coils. But this time, these coils are already upgraded. This is for us not to bother about the poking coils like what the traditional innerspring mattress used to do to us or to the people who first experienced sleeping on a traditional mattress.

Although the boom of the pocket coils was in the 1930s, the quality is way different from today due to the advancement and the development of technology. The great thing about the innerspring mattress is that it can accommodate any kind of sleeping style. This is good news, especially for those who often move or toss and turn sleepers.

How to choose an innerspring mattress?

Know the appropriate pricing

The dimensions of the mattress will always affect how much it costs. The expense of a mattress increases with its size. This is due to the quantity and variety of materials used to create this cushion. Naturally, more materials are used if the cushion is large. This raises its price above that of the lesser ones.

The quality of the material will also matter in pricing. If you are choosing a mattress with high-quality materials, you might as well want to spend a little bit more on it. Because if you choose a mattress that is very cheap, there is a tendency that the quality is not as great as the expensive ones. But it is still best to do some research about the mattresses that you opt to buy.

Know how many layers of foam and spring you want your mattress to be

Innerspring mattresses are made with special layers of foam. Most of it is made from memory foam or gel-infused memory foam to give you extra cushioning and comfort. Unlike the mattresses that we had before, they easily sag and whenever you lie on the mattress, you will feel the coils.

But the foams today and the topper used to cover the coils are enhanced so that you will have a better sleep. There is even a hybrid mattress that is made with high-end innerspring coils and layers of memory foam. A touch of a traditional mattress and a modern-day add-on.

Compare different mattresses from one another

There are a lot of mattress companies that made their mattress different from one another. If you want to have something specific, you have to compare different kinds of mattresses and slowly narrow them down according to your preference. And of course, you need to test them out before you finally spend money on them.

Luckily, most mattress companies offer a time trial when you purchase. This is for you to really get the feel of the mattress. And if you like it, you can keep it. But if you don’t you can always return it, but it must be within the trial period that the company gave.

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Types of Innerspring Mattress

Bonnell Coil

Bonnell Coil is one of the oldest kinds of innerspring that was first used in the 19th century. It is an hourglass-shaped coil that is found inside one of the first mattresses ever made. Today, we can still purchase these kinds of mattresses at a very cheap price. Because it is easy to produce and it is good for backup mattresses.

Continuous Coil

Continuous coils are coils aligned and configured in rows. The coil wiring is continuous so that it will be able to give balance and the right amount of support that your body needs. The outcome of the mattress is firm because of the continuity of the coils. And just like the Bonnell Coil, it is one of the easiest to make and can be bought at a cheaper price.

Marshall Coil

Marshall Coil is one of the first independent coils that can still give the right amount of support that you are looking for from a mattress. The difference between Marshall Coil from the Bonnell and Continuous Coil is that it has the ability to absorb individual body movement. This way you will no longer have to bother your partner with your constant movement when you are sleeping. Although it is a little bit more expensive than the Bonnel and the Continuous coil, you will be sure that you were able to get something worth your money.

Offset Coil

Offset Coils are similar to the Bonnel Coil. They both have an hourglass figure but the Offset Coil has this asymmetrical shape. It somehow has the combination of a square and a circle features. Another thing about this coil is that it is firmer than the Bonnell Coil. And it is more durable than the Bonnel Coil.

Pocket Coil

Pocket Coils are individually wrapped coils to keep the compression in its place. Another thing about this coil is to avoid spreading the rust from one coil to another. This is also one of the reasons why modern-day innerspring mattresses prefer to individually wrap the coils this way to prolong their lifespan. Another reason why pocket coils are invented is to avoid the squeaky noise whenever you move on your mattress. And it has better movement absorption features than the traditional kinds of coils.


Microcoils are basically the modern-day innerspring mattress trend. This mattress is still made of coils, only that the springs or the coils are made to be thinner. It is to provide more support for every sleeper. And even if it has a thin layer of foam on top of the coils, you will not feel the coils poking your body.

Which is a big plus for all sleepers. It is durable, it is a lot cheaper than latex and other kinds of foams, and it has pressure relief features.

Pros and Cons of an Innerspring Mattress

There are always good and bad sides to the different things that we own. Even people have their own good side and bad side, and so with the innerspring mattress. We already know that the innerspring mattress was not really as durable as what we have today. But there are still some ups and downs to the modern-day mattress. And to narrow these things down below is a PROs and CONs list of the innerspring mattress. This way you will be able to decide properly whether to buy one or not


  • Available in stores and in online stores – Since an innerspring mattress is one of the first high-end mattresses, it can be sold basically anywhere. You can buy it from a physical store or even online. The continuous production of this kind of mattress makes it abundant in almost every country. Because easy to make and at the same time easy to sell because of its affordability.
  • Affordable – Innerspring mattress is easy to make and therefore is affordable and anyone can buy this kind of mattress. You can finally get a comfortable mattress and a good cost.
  • Cooler sleeping surface – Another thing about the innerspring mattress is that it doesn’t really have that many layers of foam. Which makes it cooler for you to sleep on.
  • Good for sex – Finally, the reason why the innerspring mattress is one of the bests is that it is good for sex. The bouncy feel of the mattress will make it easier to enjoy the ride.


  • Sags early – Since there is not much foaming on the top layer of the innerspring mattress, there is a tendency there will be premature sagging. It will also depend on the quality of the coils that are installed and the kind of foam topper that is being placed.
  • Poor body contouring – The majority of the innerspring mattress doesn’t really give the right amount of body contouring. Which is not advisable for those people who sleep lightly.
  • Poor motion isolation – There is some innerspring mattress that can isolate body movement. But not as much as we expect it to be. Since coils are still bouncy it can still affect the entire surface area of the mattress.
  • Too noisy – Coils are made from thin rolled metal, and they make these bouncy and squeaky sounds as they age. But if you want to prolong its lifespan, it is good not to let your kids jump on your innerspring mattress.
  • A bit heavy – Since innerspring mattresses are made up of coils, it might be a factor that it is a bit heavier because of the hundreds of coils that are installed in the mattress. But if you insist on getting one, be sure that you will be placing it in a room where you really want it to be. And also have someone to help you in arranging.

Which is better an Innerspring mattress or a Foam mattress?

Just as much as we love to sleep, we all have our preferred sleeping positions and sleeping habits. Most especially when it comes to the surface and the firmness of our mattress. But a lot of people battle between a Foam Mattress and an Innerspring Mattress. Below is a simple comparison between an innerspring mattress and a foam mattress.

Innerspring Mattress

  • Different varieties
  • Bouncy and easier to move around
  • Cheap and comfortable
  • Different coiling systems designed for different body types
  • You can’t feel your partner move

Foam Mattress

  • Superior back support
  • Provides pressure relief
  • Better quality
  • No dustmites invasion

If you are looking for the best innerspring mattress on the market, all you need to do is do a bit of a trial and error. Test out some innerspring mattresses for yourself to see whether you are comfortable with them or not. There are different ways for you to choose which innerspring mattress is for you.

You can read reviews, ask an expert, or research manufacturing companies. This way it will be a lot easier for you to know which kind and what kind of innerspring mattress is the one for you.

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