Best Mattress For Couples (March 2023) Buyers Guide & Reviews

We all love the feeling of the warmth of our partners. Especially when we have a bad day and they are there with open arms to keep us comfortable. There are a lot of couples who can’t stand a day without feeling each other’s embrace.

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This is why cuddling is one of the most common things that couples do. It is to secure one another in each other’s arms. And in order for you to get comfortable on your bed, there are different positions that you can do. And as well as choosing the best kind of cuddle mattress that is made for couples.

Snuggle Pedic Mattress That Breathes

The #1 top mattress for couples is Snuggle Pedic Mattress That Breathes.

If you are looking for a mattress that can support any sleeping position, the Snuggle Pedic Mattress is the one for you. It is one of the best-selling mattresses in the United States of America. The reason why this mattress is one of the high-rated is that it is made of memory foam that has a special Airflow Transfer System.

This allows your body not to feel too hot whenever you are lying on this kind of mattress. It regulates the temperature allowing you to have a good night’s sleep. Another thing about this mattress is that it has a channeled support layer that also has an Airflow Transfer System.

This is to make sure that you will be able to have a breathable mattress to sleep on. And the cover of this mattress is actually a bamboo knitted cover. The reason why the material is made from bamboo is that it is stretchable, durable, and breathable.

It also has an all-around zipper so that it will be easier for you to clean the mattress whenever you need to.

Purple Bed King Size Mattress

The #2 on our finest mattresses in the 2023 list is Purple Bed King Size Mattress.

Another popular kind of mattress is the Purple Bed King Size Mattress. It is simple and elegant yet it can give you the right amount of comfort that you and your partner are looking for.

The king-size of this mattress will give you and your partner enough space to toss and turn. And you will not have to wake up if your partner moves too much because it has a movement isolator that absorbs the movement of your partner.

Just like the modern kinds of mattresses, this one also has a free-flow air channel. This keeps your body comfortable without feeling too hot or too cold whenever you are lying on your mattress.

It keeps the temperature the way you want it to be. Some mattresses are made from harmful chemicals that can cause different kinds of diseases.

But the Purple Bed King Size Mattress is made with antimicrobial and non-toxic materials. It can help prevent you from having allergies and any kind of reaction during your sleep.

Casper Sleep

The #3 of the top mattresses for couples is Casper Sleep Memory Foam Mattress.

Casper Sleep Memory Foam Mattress made different kinds of mattresses that can suit your sleeping style. Even if you sleep with a partner that has a different sleeping style, you will be sure that both of you will have a comfortable night together. This kind of mattress is similar to other kinds of mattresses.

Only that it has a more comfortable plush and it has a lot of tiny pores that allow the air to pass through. This is to keep you at the right sleeping temperature that you need.

Also, the memory foam that made this kind of mattress comes in four layers. The first layer is breathable Open-Cell Foam that allows your body to breathe and not feel warm when you stay too long on your mattress.

The second layer is the Pressure Relief Responsive Memory Foam. It contours your body as you lay down on your mattress without feeling any tightness on the different muscles and joints of your body.

This is for you to wake up without the feeling of body pain. Another layer is the Deep Comfort Adaptive Transition Foam it transitions the Pressure Relief Foam to the Support Foam.

It adds a bit of firmness to the mattress allowing it to support all of the foams on top of it. And at the same time, it gives you this not-so-soft-and-firm feeling when you lie on your mattress.

Lucid Adjustable

The #4 on our leading mattress for couples in the 2023 list is the Lucid Mattress Adjustable Base & Hybrid Mattress.

Buying a mattress also means we should also buy a foundation that can hold the mattress in place. There are a lot of foundation bases in the market for us to choose from that will match the way our room looks and the size of our mattress. But lucid Mattresses also create these kinds of foundations. And Lucid Mattress Adjustable Base & Hybrid Mattress will no longer make you buy two important things separately.

The adjustable base allows you to shift your base according to the way you want it to be. You can elevate the head area or you can customize the feet area and have a little bit of a small elevated angle on the knee area. This base is perfect for those people who are recovering from an injury or who are bedridden.

With this base and the Lucid Hybrid Mattress, you will be sure to have a good night’s sleep. Even if you are not a disabled person, you can still sleep comfortably on this mattress and adjustable base combination.

The hybrid mattress is made with memory foam and coils to give your body more support than you need.  It is perfect for all types and can handle a lot of body weight.

Tuft Needle Certi-PUR Certified

The #5 on our list for prime mattresses for couples is Tuft Needle Mattress Certi-PUR Certified.

If you are looking for a modern-day mattress that can help give you and your partner a good night’s sleep, the Tuft Needle Mattress Certi-PUR Certified is the one for you. They created and developed different kinds of mattresses that can help keep you and your partner a good night sleep.

They focus on pressure relief, cool sleeping, and good support that allow any sleeping position to sleep peacefully on this mattress. This is why they created their own kind of memory foam that also has infused gels to make your sleep cool and at the same time support you and your partner’s body.

Best Mattress For Couples Buying Guide

Things you need to consider when you are about to buy a mattress for a couple:

Sleep styles of one another

All of us have our own styles and positions when it comes to sleeping. It is because our preferred style or position in sleeping makes us even more comfortable. We get to have the deep sleep that we need. And also we get to wake up feeling fresh. But if you are about to buy a mattress with your partner, consider your individual styles of sleeping.

For married couples, it is a big step that they will do when they buy a new mattress. Because every individual has their own sleeping style. Find a mattress that can help support the way you and your partner sleep.


We understand the concept that we have our own personal space. Most especially when we sleep. According to some studies, you can sleep more comfortably when you are alone. But if you already have a live-in partner or if you are already married it might be a little weird and it may take some time in getting used to. That is if you haven’t lived together. Upon buying a mattress consider the size of the mattress so that both of you will have enough space of you.

You can choose between a twin, queen, and king-sized bed. These bed sizes will give you the right amount of space that you need when it comes to sleeping with your partner. Most especially that each of you has your own sleeping style that require enough space for you both of you to toss and turn.

Sex life

Bedrooms are made for our own privacy. This is the place where we sleep, relax, and make love. Consider how often you have sex with your partner and how intensive it is before buying a mattress. Our sex life is one of the greatest factors why we need to have the best kind of mattress in our room.

You don’t want to have a mattress that easily sags after a few months of using it. Choose a mattress that can make your sleep and sex life more comfortable.

*Tip: find a stable foundation or a mattress supporter, one that will not make any squeaky sounds to avoid disturbance.*

Movement absorbing bed

Traditional mattresses tend to be too soft or too hard. This also makes it difficult for you to get a comfortable sleep at night. Most especially if you have a partner that moves a lot when they sleep. If you sleep with a partner that moves a lot, you might as well want to have a bed that will not move as much as they do.

Get a mattress that absorbs the movement of your partner without letting the rest of the mattress move. This way you will no longer have to wake up and be disturbed when your partner tosses and turns when they sleep.

Firm or soft

We all have the preferred firmness level of our mattresses. Either we like it soft or firm or even somewhere in between. Choosing which level will depend on how you sleep at night. Choose something that both of you can compromise on and be able to get some sleep comfortably. Without making you feel that your mattress is not right for you.

Hybrid or memory foam

Another thing that you need to consider is what kind of mattress you will get. There are two kinds of mattresses for you to choose from, we have hybrid and memory foam. The hybrid mattress is a combination of coils and memory foam. And memory foam is made up of different layers of memory foam. Also, there are different kinds of memory foam to choose from.

Sleeping positions for Couples

When it comes to sleep, we want to have this position that allows our body to be comfortable. And most especially when we had a bad and long day at work or school. We just throw ourselves on our beds and doze off. But things are different when you are already sleeping with a partner.

There are times when you feel like cuddling and there are times when you feel like being alone. But both of you can compromise with the different sleeping positions for couples. And did you know that each sleeping position with your partner has a meaning? If you are new to the cuddling zone, below are some of the sleeping positions you can explore with your partner:

Butt to butt

If you are in a fight with your partner, the Butt Butt is the sleeping position or sort of cuddling position that most couples do. They hate each other at the moment because of the fight but at the same time don’t want to leave each other. It is normal for a couple to fight over something.

And even if this fight will last for a few days, they still find a way to ensure each other that they still care for one another. And this position will show it all. A hint of a slight touch can assure your partner that you still care for them even if you are in a big fight.

Cuddling is one of my favorite feelings in the world. Most especially if you are sleeping and cuddling with someone you love. Feeling their warmth, their embrace, and assurance that they are yours and you are theirs. Allowing each other to fall into one another’s arms and just sleep is perfect.

That is why every cuddle position is studied to indicate how strong your relationship with your partner is.


Spoon cuddling is when both couples are facing one side and are very close to each other. The male partner is usually the big spoon and holds his female partner in his arms. If you have seen well-organized spoons in your pantry drawer, you will see how they perfectly fit one another.

This position means “independently strong”. Both male and female partner has their own lives. And this position shows that they are living their own life while getting a stronger relationship with one another. And according to, this kind of cuddling position is one of the most intimate positions. And it actually requires and builds trust with one another.

Loose spoon

Loose spoon cuddling is similar to Spooning. Only there is a small space between the couple. This means that they allow each other to have a little bit of freedom in their relationship. This also means they have trust in each other and allow themselves to fall in each other by the end of the day.

Chasing spoon

A chasing spoon is also similar to a loose spoon. Only the space between them is wider. This sleeping position could mean that the couple needs more space. Because one of them wants space, and the other wants attention when it comes to sleeping. But it actually depends on the personal preference of the couple.


This kind of cuddling position is for those lovers who are getting more and more serious and close to each other. It is where they lock their arms and legs on each other and their faces are very close to one another. This kind of cuddle position is also known as the intertwining cuddle.

This position also means intimacy and clinginess where neither of you doesn’t want to let go of the other. In this position is where couples also tend to hug each other even tighter.

It is sort of a reflex where both partners want something to hold on to when they are sleeping. There are people who love to sleep with a lot of pillows. Because these people are also known as the cuddle seeker. They want something or someone to hold on to when they are sleeping.


From the word itself, the Tangled sleeping position is where the arms and legs and the faces of both partners are all over one another. It is also called over-spooning or over-cuddling. This means that the couple is too dependent on one another and it is a very intimate position for couples.

Liberty lovers

Another position that shows independence is the Liberty Lovers position. It is where no physical contact from either of the couple once they are in deep sleep. A lot of people think that this kind of position means that the couple is not in a good relationship.

But this kind of sleeping position is actually one of the indications that the couple is having a healthy relationship by allowing each other to be in their own separate space.


Nuzzle is one common position that most couples do after sex. It is where the other partner lies on the other partner on his or her chest and falls asleep. This position also means that both partners trust each other and at the same time being protective of one another.

Love, trust, and intimacy are strong between the couple who often does this sleeping position. This position is like spooning, only that the other partner is lying flat on his back and the other partner is on his or her chest.

Space Hog

If you are one of those people who can’t stand one position when asleep, you are a space hogger. Whether you or your partner is the space hogger, this shows that the relationship is not balanced. Because the other partner often sleeps on his side the way he wants it.

Most especially if he or she is a back sleeper. Back sleepers tend to sleep in a starfish position where arms and legs are spread out. Leaving you with a small amount of space left.

What makes a mattress “the best” for couples?

We will never know which mattress is the top one for couples. This is because it will always depend on their individual preference when it comes to sleeping. There are different considerations that couples must know before buying a mattress. It can help them find a mattress that will at least give them the right amount of comfort that they need.

But the most important thing that a couple must remember is to allow each other to know their sleeping styles before buying a mattress.

This is to assure that the mattress will compromise both sleeping styles without making each other feel uncomfortable. As long as both of you can sleep properly, have great sex, and at the same time wake up without feeling groggy, your mattress is considered the best.

Our sleeping positions will always change over time. One night you are comfortable with sleeping on your back, and after a few months, you decided to sleep on your sides because you feel a lot more comfortable with it. How much more if you are sleeping with a partner?


If you want to have a good night’s sleep with the one that you love, you better get a mattress that makes you and your couple feel comfortable and relaxed. This way you will be able to make our relationship stronger and have a blooming sex life. Even though we have our individual differences, as long as our mattresses can meet our sleeping needs we can always have a good night’s sleep with our loved ones.

With the help of the tips mentioned earlier in this article, it can help you choose the mattress and have the best sleep of your life.