10 Best Body Pillows 2023

Do you tend to toss and turn all night and can’t seem to find a comfortable position for sleeping? A good body pillow that provides comfortable support can resolve your problems with insomnia or body aches and pains and can become your sleeping buddy!

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Since body pillows come in so many shapes, varieties, and sizes, it could be quite challenging when looking for the one to fit your needs and provide you with the desired support and comfort.

To help you, we tested a variety of body pillows in the last couple of months, and we came up with our final verdict on the top 10 body pillows you can buy in 2023.

Take a look at our top picks and choose the best one for your sleeping style and specific needs.

Best overall

Snuggle-Pedic 20 x 54-inch Ultra-Luxury Full Body Pillow

We had no doubts when we picked the Snuggle-Pedic body pillow as our top choice for 2023 because it provides amazing comfort, support, and relief to the muscles and joints and will allow you to sleep soundly as a baby.

This 20 x 54-inch full body pillow is filled with completely safe, shredded low VOC hypoallergenic Biogreen memory foam combined with CertiPUR foam. The foam is breathable and provides that unmatched cool pillow feeling we all love.

The patented Ultra-Luxurious Kool-Flow cover of the pillow is made of 43% bamboo viscose, 56.4% polyester, and 0.6% Lycra and is soft, hypoallergenic, and will keep you cool all night long.

The bulky pillow is about 7 lbs. and features a design that is especially targeted at conforming to the shape and contours of your body and providing orthopedic support.

It won’t change in shape over time and doesn’t need to be fluffed to stay soft.

Plus, if you are allergic to dust or have breathing problems or irritable skin and eyes, you don’t have to worry about this one, as it is completely hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant.

Probably the best feature we liked about the Snuggle-Pedic pillow is the fact that it is sold with a 120-night satisfaction guarantee, which allows you to test it for about 3 months, and if you are not completely happy with the product to return it and receive a full refund, no questions asked. The manufacturer also offers free customization of the pillow if, for some reason, you are not satisfied with its density and shape.

The pillow comes with a 20-year warranty, which speaks a lot about just how confident the manufacturer is in the quality and durability of the pillow.

This excellent body pillow is especially suitable for side sleepers who can use some added support and comfort. It is also one of the top choices for those of you who are stomach sleepers, as well as for pregnant ladies.

Its large size means that you can still get all of the comfort and support you need even if you are tall and have a large body frame.

The Snuggle-Pedic pillow is machine washable, so you don’t need to be concerned about how you are going to keep it clean and sanitized.

If you want to order it online, you don’t have to worry about receiving a bulky package as it is delivered vacuum-sealed.

With the quality of the materials used for the filling and the cover, the amazing design, and the comfort it provides, along with the 120-night sleep guarantee and the 20-year warranty, the Snuggle-Pedic is most certainly the number one body pillow on the market right now!

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Best runner-up

Coop Home Goods 20×54 inch Memory Foam Body Pillow

If you are picky about the density of your pillows, you will love this fully adjustable body pillow from Coop Home Goods. You can take out or add more of the memory foam via the nifty zipper on the side in order to achieve that perfect density that you need for support, comfort, and sound sleeping.

You can mold the pillow to fit your specific needs and sleeping style, so we can recommend this body pillow to back, side, or stomach sleepers, as well as for expectant women who can use that extra support and comfort during their pregnancy.

The Coop Home Goods pillow is the runner-up in our list and is the same size as our top pick, the Snuggle Pedic – 20x 54 inches. It, too, is an excellent choice for people of all sizes.

Memory foam with gel infusion and CertiPUR shredding make up the filling. The machine-washable cover is machine-removable and composed of 60% polyester and 40% rayon from bamboo.

You will stay calm and cozy throughout the entire night thanks to the filling and cover’s excellent air ventilation.

You will experience a great deal of relief if you add this cushion to your bedding if you have asthma, eczema, or dust allergies because it is dust-mite resistant and hypoallergenic.

The pillow weighs 9 lbs. and it is sold with a 100-day satisfaction guarantee by Coop Home Goods, so you can test this one as well and if you are not happy with the results, you can return it without any hassle and get your money back.

The manufacturer also gives a 5-year warranty for the full-body pillow.

Available at a reasonable price, sold with a 100-day satisfaction guarantee, and a 5-year warranty, and made of safe, hypoallergenic, and adjustable filling and a removable cover, we can strongly recommend this sizeable body pillow to just about anyone.

Best budget

Utopia Bedding Ultra Soft Body Pillow

If you are looking for a budget-friendly full-body pillow to use during your pregnancy or simply for adding that extra support and comfort you need while you are sleeping, we suggest that you buy the Utopia Bedding 20 x 54-inch pillow, which is our top budget choice for 2023.

As we already mentioned, this long pillow for side sleepers and pregnant women is very reasonably priced but is nevertheless an excellent pillow that will improve your comfort and sleep.

It fits the contours of the body and is large enough to provide the necessary support, even for people with larger body frames.

The filling is made of ultra-soft 2000G Ball fiber, and the cover is made of 100% breathable, soft, and durable cotton.

The cover has double-stitched edges, which will keep the Utopia pillow from tearing over time.

We can recommend this affordable body pillow for those of you looking for some added hip, shoulder, abdomen, or back support. It is a great choice for those of you who prefer to sleep on your side or stomach.

Expectant moms will appreciate the added comfort and support they will get during the months when sleeping on the stomach becomes impossible and finding a comfortable position in bed becomes a real challenge.

The pillow can safely be washed in a washing machine and tumble dried on a low setting, so you can make sure that it is nice and clean all the time without worrying about the pillow losing its fluffiness, softness, and shape.

We love how soft and well-made this pillow is, as well as the fact that you can wash and dry it as often as you want without too much hassle. The greatest part is that it is inexpensive, so you won’t need to spend a fortune to get that added comfort and full-body support you are craving every time you go to bed.

Here are our other top picks for the best body pillows for 2023

AngQi 55-inch U Shaped Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

This U-shaped body pillow has a unique design that follows your body shape to provide the full support you need, especially if you are expecting a baby or if you often wake up during the night to look for a more comfortable position.


  • Unique ergonomically designed U-shaped pillow made for pregnant women but comfortable for everybody.
  • An extra-long middle section that provides full-back or abdomen support
  • Designed by physical therapists and helps you keep your spine and hips in a neutral position
  • A size of 55 x 31 inches
  • The removable and machine washable cover is made of comfortable and soft 100% Jersey Knit Cotton.
  • The filling is made of the polyester hollow fiber.
  • Provides perfect back, head, hip, knee, and neck support and helps relieve heartburn, sciatica, arthritis, fibromyalgia, upper body pain, and pain in the lower back
  • Can be used for sleeping, watching TV, nursing, and lounging and can be molded into different shapes
  • Suitable for all family members

ComfySure 66″ Pregnancy Full Body Pillow

We just can’t get enough of how comfortable these U-shaped full-body pillows are, which is why we picked yet another one from ComfySure as one of our top 10 body pillows for this year.


  • Queen-size U-shaped 66 x 33 x 8-inch body pillow will be comfortable for people of all heights.
  • Designed as a maternity body pillow, but can provide pain relief, support, and comfort to just about anyone
  • A very soft, washable Jersey cover
  • Filled with plush hollow fiber
  • Provides belly support and helps improve the circulation of the blood in your body which is essential for a healthier pregnancy
  • A great option for people recovering from an illness or a surgery
  • Eliminates tossing and turning
  • Replaces the multitude of different cushions which you use for full-body support at night
  • Great for relaxing, sleeping, and breastfeeding

QUEEN ROSE Full Body Maternity Pillow

The Queen Rose full-body pillow is yet another maternity pillow that can be enjoyed by everybody else as well, thanks to its ergonomic design and the comfort it provides.


  • A completely natural breathable cotton cover that you can remove and machine wash safe.
  • A U-shaped design is perfect for pregnancy support, breastfeeding as well, and for relieving the pain and discomfort from conditions like gastric reflux, fibromyalgia, congestion, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, and others
  • Eliminates the tossing and turning and sleep interruptions
  • Can provide comfy support to the back, sides, belly, head, feet, and knees
  • Hypoallergenic filling and cover – suitable for those of you with allergies, eczema, or asthma
  • Comfy neck support for any sitting or lying position
  • Helps reduce leg fatigue and soreness
  • Comes with a 90-day guarantee with a refund or replacement if you are not happy with the pillow

Restorology Full 60-Inch Body Pregnancy Pillow

The Restorology full-body pillow may have been designed to make sleeping and resting more comfortable for expectant mums, but we are pretty sure that the entire family will enjoy using it as well!


  • A design and size which adjusts to the contours and the shape of your body perfectly.
  • Full body length pillow – 60 inches long
  • Made for pregnant ladies but comfortable for everybody
  • Provides support to the neck, belly, and back simultaneously
  • Will relieve you from the discomfort caused by sciatica, lower back pain, and heartburn
  • Removable zippered cover which can be machine washed and tumbled dried
  • Saves space in the bed as it can replace the multiple pillows you use for added support to different body parts
  • Will improve your sleep and eliminate discomfort and constant tossing and turning
  • Sold with a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee

PharMeDoc Pregnancy Full Body Pillow

You are expecting a child and want to find an affordable yet efficient pregnancy pillow? With the PharMeDoc, you will get the perfect combination of price and comfort.


  • A soft Jersey cover that is available in pink, blue, and grey colors and is removable and washable
  • Comfortable mixed polyfill filling
  • C-shaped full-body maternity pillow
  • Eliminates the need and saves the space you need for using multiple cushions for added support and increased comfort
  • Supports the back, head, neck, hips, and knees all at once
  • Perfect for sleeping, reading, resting, breastfeeding, or working on your laptop
  • Suitable for people recovering from surgery
  • Helps align the spine
  • Finished with a sturdy double stitch to keep the pillow from ripping even after prolonged use
  • Very reasonable price

Meiz 55″ U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

Are you sick and tired of using 3 or more pillows to support your back, knees, and neck while you are sleeping? With this body pillow from Meiz, you will free up bed space and will enjoy the best sleeping experience ever!


  • Supports the back, head, belly, hips, knees, sides, and feet at the same time, eliminating the need for multiple separate pillows
  • A generous length of 55 inches for people of all heights and sizes
  • Made for pregnant women, but it will be appreciated by anyone who needs added comfort and support
  • Supports the pregnant belly and can be used for relaxing, nursing, and sleeping
  • Helps relieve the pain from sciatica, leg swelling, or back problems and prevents hypertension syndrome
  • Suitable for people recovering from surgery or in need of more back support
  • Keeps the spine and neck aligned in a neutral position
  • Removable and washable hypoallergenic cotton pillow cover
  • Durable and soft inner cover
  • Great for side and back sleepers
  • Filled with odorless 7D hollow fiber filling
  • Will retain its fluffiness for a long time
  • Sold with a 30-day refund satisfaction guarantee

Moonlight Slumber Comfort-U Body Pillow

If you want a pillow that will make you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud and yet provides all the support you need for a good night’s sleep, you should definitely get a Moonlight Slumber Comfort-U full-body pillow.


  • U-shaped design which is suitable for all types of sleepers – back, stomach, and side
  • Provides versatile support to the entire body and reduces tossing and turning in bed
  • Large size, with legs that are 64 inches long and 10.5 inches wide
  • Filled with hypoallergenic, odorless, and machine-washable fusion fiber
  • The filler allows for good air circulation for a cooler and healthier sleeping experience
  • It can be used for working on your laptop and watching TV as well
  • Suitable for pregnant women as well as for people with dust allergies or other dust mite sensitivities, including respiratory problems and skin irritation
  • Tested and approved for safe use by parents and babies
  • Suitable for people who need to be added back, hip, or neck support
  • Can help soothe body aches and pain
  • Made of top-quality materials in the USA

Features to watch out for when buying a body pillow

Body pillows come in a very wide variety of types, shapes, and sizes. In order to pick out the one, you may want to look into the following features:


The lengthier and larger the size, the more comfort, pain relief, and support it will provide. It is recommended that you choose one which has a length that allows you to use it for supporting the head, full body, and down to underneath the knees. We have picked a variety of tube-shaped, U-shaped, C-shaped, and other full-body pillows for you to choose from.

The type of sleeper you are

The different designs of body pillows are suitable for different sleeping preferences. As a whole, body pillows work best for stomach or side sleepers, but some models provide the comfort and support you need if you are a back sleeper too.

Pregnancy or other health conditions

If you are expecting a baby and you are experiencing lower back pain, swollen ankles, and feet, heartburn, and discomfort due to your growing belly, a full-body maternity pillow can do wonders to alleviate your discomfort and help you sleep and feel better. Our top list contains several pregnancy pillows which you can choose from.

Also, people who suffer from some painful conditions, as well as those undergoing physical therapy or recovering from surgery too can benefit largely from one of these body pillows. Read our brief reviews to find the model which is most suitable for relieving your condition.

A money-back guarantee and test period

It is no wonder that we chose the pillows with the longest test periods – the Snuggle-Pedic with a 120-day testing period and the Coop Home Goods pillow with a 90-day guarantee. These money-back guarantees will eliminate any doubts you have and will allow you to test the body pillow for months before you decide whether or not you really like it and want to keep it.

Make sure you choose a body pillow that provides such an opportunity, especially if you have no previous experience with this type of bedding.

Filling and covering materials

Remember to pay special attention to the type of filling and the material used for the cover of your pillow, especially if you are allergic or have respiratory problems or skin issues caused by dust and dust mites. There are some excellent hypoallergenic body pillows on our list to choose from. Also, ensure that the materials used for the filling are certified and safe for you and your family members, especially if you are expecting a baby.

Washing and cleaning

Our top pick, the Snuggle-Pedic pillow, as well as several other pillows from our list, are machine washable. There are other models that have removable, machine-washable covers as well. So, check out how easy it is to keep the pillow clean before purchasing it.

Final verdict

Did you find the body pillow which will become your favorite sleeping partner on our top 10 list of the best body pillows for this year?

We have handpicked them all after thorough testing and reviewing, so you will definitely be making a good choice, whichever one you decide on buying.

Take advantage of the test and money-refund opportunity that some manufacturers provide just to stay on the safe side if you are new to full-body pillows.

Good luck with your purchase, and get ready to meet your new favorite sleeping partner once you receive your new body pillow!