How to Choose the Perfect Pillow: Helpful Buying Tips

There is one thing that can always make us feel cozy and relaxed; one thing that can make all our worries go away; one thing that we can’t stop thinking about when we have a hard time at work- our pillow.

It does not matter if we’re talking bed pillows, pregnancy pillows, or travel pillows – all of them are lifesavers. Yes, your mattress and bed are just as important for your health and proper sleep, but what are they without a high-quality pillow? Nothing!

Since we know that you deserve a well-rested body, we decided to help you a little bit in your search for the best pillow. Keep reading to find out what are the things you need to consider when choosing such a product and what are some helpful tips to help you choose the perfect pillow.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Pillow

Who knew there were so many things we have to think about when choosing a pillow- size, material, mattress, and even sleeping position? Here’s everything you need to know:

  • Sleeping position

We are all our own individuals, and it is only normal that we have different preferences in terms of sleeping positions. However, it turns out that the position we sleep in is precisely one of the main factors to consider when choosing the perfect pillow.

  1. Back sleepers

If you love sleeping on your back, a thick pillow may not be the best choice for you. A thin pillow will support your head and neck and won’t throw your head forward. Moreover, it won’t misalign your spine- something a thick pillow would do. A pillow with an extra loft on the bottom is also a good choice for all back sleepers.

  1. Side sleepers

Most people are comfortable sleeping sideways. This sleeping position, however, can easily lead to neck pain in the morning. This usually happens because we are not using the right kind of pillow. Side sleepers need a pillow that is thicker so that it can fully support their neck and their head.

  1. Stomach sleepers

This sleeping position puts a lot of stress on your neck and lowers your back, so you should avoid it. Still, if it is your favorite one, the best pillow you can get yourself is a thin one. Sleeping without a pillow at all is also a good idea.

  1. All-around sleepers

For all those of you who move around a lot while sleeping, a medium pillow is the best decision. You need a piece that is neither too soft nor too firm. That way, no matter which position you are in, your body and neck will be supported.

  • Price

High-quality pillows are usually pricey, so you may have to save some bucks before you go on a shopping spree. The good news is that there are many brands available on the market, and there are always some special offers available. Just remember not to buy the first thing you see. Spend some time researching the different items and think about the other factors we are about to discuss.

  • Material

When we say material, we mean both inside and outside material. In terms of the exterior material, the most preferred option is usually cotton. Silk is also something we would recommend. These two materials are soft, and the best part is they do not catch dust that easily.

When we talk about the inside of the pillow, we refer to the fillers used in the manufacturing process. Here are the main options you have:

  • Foam

Foam is a great material for the inside of your pillow as it will give your neck full support without making the pillow too soft.

  • Memory foam

This is pretty much the most popular material used in terms of pillows. It has the awesome ability to contour your head and body, and that way reduce pressure points. It offers proper support, and you will be able to get the good sleep you deserve.

  • Feather/down

Even though this sounds a little bit old-school, feather or down is one of the most recommended fillers for pillows by sleep doctors. It is neither too soft nor too firm, and you can usually control the amount of fill you want. Moreover, the filling can be moved around whenever you feel like doing so.

  • Wool/ cotton

Cotton is a hypoallergenic filler that can resist dust mites and mold. The same can be said about wool. Both materials are firm, so if you want a soft pillow that is also thick, you may want to go with a different pillow filler.

  • Latex

Latex is the best pillow filler for all those of you who are unfortunately prone to allergies. Just like cotton and wool, latex is hypoallergenic and will keep away dust mites and molds.

It is essential that you carefully think about the filler you choose. Polyester, latex, and memory foam are chemically made pillow fillers, and they undergo different kinds of treatments. If you have sensitive skin, you have to make sure these fillers will be suitable.

  • Size of the bed

This is only logical, but we still feel like we should mention it. The size of your bed will undoubtedly influence the size of the pillow you need. A bed that is too big simply won’t look good with a pillow that is small.

  • Mattress

Although we frequently overlook this minor point, there is such a thing as a “mattress-pillow connection.” If you have a hard mattress, your pillow should be soft instead. This is because your cushion will be resting on a hard surface and will need to adjust to the weight of your head. On the other hand, if your cushion is softer, you will require a firmer pillow to maintain proper alignment of your head and neck.

How to Maintain Your Pillow?

Once you have chosen the best pillow, you need to make sure you do everything you can to keep it in perfect condition:

  • Change your pillow sheets often

Pillows and pillow sheets absorb our sweat and body fluids. Since the role of a pillow sheet is to keep the pillow clean and prevent liquids from going to it, if you do not change the sheets regularly, your pillow may get damaged.

  • The sun is your friend

The sun can kill bacteria, so placing your pillow under it from time to time is actually a good idea. The sun’s rays can even stop mold and fungi formation.

  • Clean your pillow

Changing your pillow sheets is important, but cleaning the pillow itself is just as essential for your health. A dirty pillow equals bacteria, and you don’t want that! Vacuuming your pillow is one way of keeping it clean.

Having your pillow washed is also advisable. Just make sure you do it according to the instructions given because otherwise, you may ruin its quality. Fabric disinfectant sprays are also a great solution as they kill the bacteria in your pillow and leave a fragrant scent.

Wrap Up

Sleeping on the perfect pillow is just as important as having the right mattress. Pillows support your entire body, and they are often the reason why you have a sore neck, arm, or back pain. With the right pillow, you will not only stay healthy but will also have a good night’s sleep, something we all want after a long day at work.

There are many pillow brands and pillow types on the market, so in order to find the perfect one, you will have to keep several factors in mind. What are those factors? Well, make sure you read our article carefully, and you will know.