How To Fluff a Pillow: Make Pillow Fluffy Again!

Do you love your pillows and want to do everything to make them last longer? With daily or regular fluffing, you can ensure that the pillows look and feel great at all times.

All types of pillows with different fills except latex and foam pillows should be fluffed to maintain their comfort and texture for longer.

Fluffing pillows is easy and will not take up too much of your time, and yet will help you preserve your high-quality pillows for longer, thus saving you the money and hassle of having to replace them sooner than recommended.

Here are some tips on how to fluff your pillows:

Fluffing pillows by hand

The manual fluffing method is the fastest and easiest way to keep your pillows soft, comfortable, and in proper shape.

To fluff your pillow, pick it up and hold it with both hands on each side. Then energetically start pushing its ends in and out to compress and decompress it.

Do this for about 30 seconds, and reverse sides grabbing the long edges of the pillow. Repeat the procedure for another 30 seconds.

After you are done with the “accordion playing” movements, hit, gently punch and knead the pillow on both sides. This will let the air flow inside and will fluff up the pillow completely.

You can then squeeze the pillow and release it several times, and shake it vigorously.

If possible, perform the fluffing outdoors to prevent the dust from the pillow from becoming airborne and polluting the air and your home.

The hand-fluffing method is suitable for all types of pillows, with the exception of foam and latex ones.

In case you still feel like your pillow needs some more fluffing, you can proceed to use the next method, which requires the use of a tumble dryer.

Fluffing pillows with a dryer

If the tag on your pillow says that it is safe for drying in a tumble dryer, then you can proceed with this next fluffing method.

Place the pillow in your dryer and add a dryer ball or a clean tennis ball, which will act as an agitator and prevent clumping and improve the airflow inside the pillow for better fluffing.

Turn the dryer on to low heat or an air setting, and run the cycle. If your pillow has a cotton fill, then let it fluff in the dryer for about 20 minutes.

To keep your cushions fluffed and comfortable at all times, use the dryer fluffing technique once a month.

When using a freshly washed cushion, make sure it is fully dry before making your bed. Moisture inside can lead to mildew growth, a musty smell, and the compression of the pillow.

Let your pillow air out

The most natural way to ensure that your pillow is fluffed is to hang it on a clothesline or leave it on the clothes rack outdoors when the weather is sunny or mild, without rain.

Letting your pillow sit in the sun and wind will help remove foul odors, sanitize the pillow, and will fluff it up.

Know when it is time to replace your pillow

No matter how much you love your pillows and how well you care for them, they do need to be replaced periodically. Some cheaper pillows should be replaced every two years or so. Higher quality pillows can be replaced once every 4 to 6 years/

Even if you wash and fluff your pillows regularly, chances are that they will eventually develop bumps, lumps, and dents and become crushed by sweat and other moisture.

If your pillow is crushed or has clumps or if it has a persistent moldy odor, then it is time to replace it with a new one.

To prolong your pillows’ longevity, you can invest in good quality washable pillow protective covers and fluff them regularly.

Your pillows are essential for your sleep, comfort, and well-being, so take care of your pillows and make sure that you keep them clean, fluffed, and comfy at all times if you want to get restful sleep and avoid health problems due to allergens and other harmful microorganisms which can grow in the pillow.