How to Return a Mattress: A Helpful Step-by-Step

When it comes to having a good night’s sleep, it is always a good idea to carefully choose a mattress that will suit our needs. People tend to spend a lot of money on mattresses; some are on a low budget and are still looking for something that is worth its price. The main reason why people spend so much time finding the best one to suit their needs is that they do not want to regret it later on.

We recommend you always check and personally test the mattress before buying it. Mattresses are made of different types of materials depending on the brand name. Having so many brands out there also means that there are different kinds of mattresses to consider. Choosing the right mattress for your needs is not always an easy task; even after testing it at the store, it may not feel right when you set it up in your home.

Most of these mattress brands offer a warranty, but you can not count entirely on that because it is not unlikely for them to honor it later on. Keep reading to find out more about what you need to know in terms of returning a mattress.

Reasons to Return your Mattress

1. Damaged

If you find the mattress you have recently bought is damaged, what would you do? Of course, the most reasonable answer to this question would be to simply return the damaged item – the same goes for mattresses. To avoid returning an item, we recommend you always make sure you double-checked the product you want to buy for possible flaws while you are in the store; otherwise, it would be too late.

The most common damages you can usually see on mattresses are loose-stitched edges or damage on some of the springs. It is always possible to find a manufacturing defect on a mattress – sometimes, quality inspectors fail to discover such flaws. This is why you need to make sure the mattress is not damaged; otherwise, you will simply have the right to return it, which can only cost you time and effort.

2. Poor quality

Avoid buying mattresses of low quality. But what does that mean? It means you need to take a look for the one with the right support and foundation. Usually, poor-quality mattresses tend to sag after some period of use. Always double-check the quality of the materials used for making the mattress you have chosen is good to avoid sagging.

Another thing to regularly check is if the covering fabric is fading too fast; otherwise, you can be refunded for the low quality. Last but not least, make sure the chosen mattress provides you with the so much-needed comfort to start your day fresh.

3. Not as described

You are allowed to return the mattress you have purchased online even if it does not look or feel as it is advertised. The most common disappointment experienced by customers is the size of the mattress. For instance, it is quite possible when you purchase a queen-sized mattress to get a twin-sized mattress. These are clearly two different mattress sizes that can be easily mistaken.

4. Purchased the wrong kind of mattress

Another common fault when purchasing a mattress online is that they deliver you the one with the wrong kind of material. If the materials are indeed different from what is written in the description box, you will have the right to return them.

5. Comfort Issues

Always check for comfortability. This is the most crucial factor and is something manufacturers really try to achieve for their customers. It has a high priority, especially for people who tend to move a lot while sleeping. All people prefer soft ad cushiony mattresses that provide them with a comfortable sleep. If you do not feel enough cushioning and support for your needs then you will know this is not the right mattress for you. If you are not satisfied with what you get, you can quickly have it returned before experiencing any possible body aches.

6. Causes body aches

If you experience body pain while you are trying to sleep, the merchandise you purchased is undoubtedly defective. You should be aware that there are some special mattresses that will allow you to feel relaxed in any sleeping position if you have back or posture problems. When choosing the best mattress, comfort is a crucial aspect to take into account. Make sure the mattress you purchased does not cause you to discomfort if you are healthy and want to get a good night’s sleep; otherwise, you will have to return it.

7. Wrong firmness

Brand-new mattresses must have the right amount of firmness; otherwise, you will have to return or replace them. You have the right to return it if it is not as good as expected.

8. Return it as if you did not use it

When returning a mattress, you will need to make sure it is as good as new. Exceptions are only damages or flaws due to the manufacturing processes. The factory defect will serve as proof that the mattress missed quality inspection and certainly has a defect.

9. Keep the original tags and packaging in good condition.

Another thing that needs to be intact is the tag of the mattress because of its barcode. Manufacturers usually refurbish and resell the returned mattresses at a lower price if they are in good shape. After they are fixed, they look brand new.

10. Know about the shipping cost and online transaction

Before purchasing any mattress online, check if the company has a return policy because sometimes shipping can cost more than the mattress itself. Because of that, many people prefer not to return it and sell it online instead. Some online retailers even offer a sleep trial for a certain period so that you can decide whether you are satisfied with the mattress or not.

Difference between buying it online vs in-store

Nowadays, many people prefer online shopping because it is much more convenient to stay at home. Still, there are people who prefer to go to the physical store to see, feel and test out the mattress before buying it. Here is a comparison of physical and online stores When it comes to purchasing a mattress.


  • Cheaper
  • You can save more money from online stores.
  • You get more options to choose from.
  • You can find a lot of mattress brands online and have them compared side-by-side. Different brands have different kinds of mattresses to choose from.
  • Has a sleeping trial
  • The main reason why so many people purchase their mattresses online is that they get to test it out and decide if they are really comfortable with the mattress they bought. Only when you purchase from an online store get a sleeping trial. And after a certain period, if you are not satisfied or comfortable with the mattress that you bought, you can simply return it.
  • More convenient
  • Less hassle in delivery

Physical store

  • You can test out different mattresses
  • Possibilities of having freebies
  • Buying a mattress from a physical store also has a tendency to give you some freebies such as a free mattress topper, bedding, or a pillow. This way, you can save more money because you don’t need to buy these things because they come along with the mattress that you bought.
  • A salesperson will help you with choosing.
  • A salesperson is an expert in his or her field. They will help you decide which mattress to buy. They will explain to you what the materials used in making these mattresses and what are their perks are. They can also help you compare and narrow down your choices so that it will be easier for you to choose which one you will be getting.

Wrap Up

Purchasing a mattress can be quite costly, and this is why it is crucial to choose the right one. In case you need to return it, make sure in advance that you know the company’s return policies. Good luck.